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Concierge Nursing Services

Tired of feeling lost, unheard, neglected and mistreated in the medical system? Are your doctor’s offices not calling you back, ordering tests you don’t understand and prescribing medications that make you feel even more sick? The conventional medical system although very useful and effective at times can be very frustrating to navigate through with how compartmentalized care is with no continuity between providers and ill equipped to handle influx of patients. With Mystique RN’s concierge nursing services you can regain control over your medical care. Together we can create a tailored care plan that incorporates your goals and a recommended integrative approach to health. Jill can help by providing a written care plan, organize appointments, communicate with providers on your behalf, educate on test results, labs and medications, order non-comprehensive labs, provide wellness recommendations, and even make house visits providing hands on care such as wound care, medication organization and administration. 

Wellness Coaching

Looking to get your health on track? Whether you have co-morbidities or just wanting to enhance how you already feel, Mystique RN’s approach to health coaching is tailored to fit the individual’s needs. No one pathway or lifestyle suits all, for example Mediterranean diet that’s by research one of the healthiest ways to eat might be harmful for someone who is without a gallbladder due to its high fat content. Through Mystique RN’s coaching you will be provided nutritional guidance and or lifestyle tips through electronic or written plan with extra handout materials on research and or workbook activities. Coaching can be offered in person at her serene office space adhering to COVID protocols or telephonically over phone/ zoom.

Aroma Lite Touch

Mystique RN offers hands on healing aroma touch that allows the body to relax and release blocked energy. Aroma lite touch incorporates the principles of reflexology with the healing properties of essential oils to safely deliver a gentle approach to soothing the body’s aches and tension. Offered as a separate service or in combination with coaching.



Jill Gross is a well versed Registered Nurse of 9 years incorporating compassion, intuition and holism into her practice. Jill has extensive medical knowledge and understanding how the conventional system works from her time in acute care, clinical and telephonic settings. Her experience ranges from medical/ post surgical floors, Diabetic/Wound care units,  Orthopedics, Spine care, Neurology, Oncology, Psychiatric units, Rehab, Hospice, Mental Health remote care coaching and etc. From her training in aromatherapy, aroma healing touch, psychedelic harm reduction, and self driven research in natural medicine including diet, herbs and supplementation, Jill brings an element of integration to her level of care. After almost a decade of helping patients with acute/chronic illness and experience with volunteering medical services in Central America, Jill has learned that the most effective approach to healing is through complimentary and alternative medicine with a multicultural sensitivity. 

Her offerings include; Concierge nursing services, Healthcare advocacy, Pharmaceutical integration, Wellness/ Nutrition coaching with ability to provide aroma touch therapy (combination of reflexology with aromatherapy light touch). Specialties are concentrated but not limited to Weight loss, Diabetes, Stress and Chronic Pain management. She can help you regain control over your care plan and feel comfortable in your body again. 
The human body is magical, it has the ability to heal itself, to recover, rebuild and renew to a state of harmony if we allow it.



Get in touch to book a consultation, service, or free information call. leave me a message about anything else and I’ll get back to you.Or Book here https://app.squarespacescheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=21906483

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